My Tattoos

I love tattoos. I have eight of them. I have always liked them on people, yet I didn’t always want them on myself. I used to be scared of pain so the idea of getting a tattoo wasn’t very appealing to me. But, here I am! I have a few done by the same artist, […]

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My school experience

I hated school at the time. Now I kind of miss it. Well actually I miss the socialising with friends and the laughs we all used to share. At the time I would rather have been literally anywhere else. Primary school was good! I loved my primary school. I made some good friends there and we […]

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Art and appreciation.

I’ve always been around art; my Mum is an artist. Growing up I never really had an interest in it, probably because I wasn’t very good at it. As I’ve grown older I’ve definitely learned to appreciate art a lot more. I seem to have grown a pretty big fondness for historical art, more specifically […]

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