Who exactly does Lucie have? Love Island Chat

Love Island? Oh yes, just like the majority of the nation, I am obsessed with it. We’re two weeks in and I’m already hooked. The social experiment element of it really interests me; much like Big Brother used to (I spoke about some controversy that came from this too here). I have only watched one full series (last year) so far, and I think I came into the ‘Love Island group chat’ at the right time.

If you somehow have no idea what Love Island is then you have been living under a rock! Love Island is a reality show where a bunch of people spend five weeks on a beautiful island and try to find love. It rarely works out, but it’s highly entertaining.

I wouldn’t normally write about Love Island on here but this year some things have caught my eye that I need to talk about. I’ve shared some opinions on Twitter, but I feel like I need to be able to just write about them. This year has caused quite a stir, for all the wrong reasons. From bullying to abusive behaviour to racism and sexism. One islander has already been removed from the island! Scandalous.

The first thing I need to talk about is Lucie and ‘creepy’ Joe! Seriously! What a creep. He’s that creepy people have been referring to him as Joe from the Netflix original ‘YOU’ (you can read my review of that right here). I’ve got to say, the resemblance is uncanny…


Honestly, there is something more sinister in that relationship it worries me a little. Let’s start from the beginning; after only being coupled up for less than 48 hours, Joe seemed to believe he had some sort of claim over Lucie. No? After ‘new-boy’ Tommy Fury took a shine to her, Joe became horrifically overprotective and absolutely overbearing. How she put up with that I’ll never know. He constantly watched her, almost like he had to know exactly where she was at all times. It was almost uncomfortable to watch. Well, not almost, it definitely was uncomfortable to watch. Now, though, Joe has become increasingly controlling over Lucie’s actions. Lucie has admitted that she likes to get on with guys more than girls, that’s absolutely fine! But, everyone else in the Villa has a huge problem with that and it makes no sense. Lucie has become quite good friends with


Tommy (previous love interest) and she hangs out with him often. You can quite clearly see that it is platonic, I personally don’t see any form of romance there at all, considering Tommy is quite happily coupled up with Molly-Mae. Joe has a bee in his bonnet. He has labelled the friendship between Lucie and Tommy as ‘strange’. What exactly is strange about that? He seems to think that women should only be friends with other women and he isn’t comfortable with the friendship between the two. That is absolutely not okay. Joe is and has been showing some crystal clear signs of abuse. I know a women’s domestic abuse charity has come forward and said that ITV has to keep an eye on Joe’s actions. This is very similar to a situation from last year involving Adam and Rosie. There’s a theme here.

Not only has Lucie had to deal with Joe, but she’s also had to deal with all of the girls in the villa too. I don’t know if it’s the fact we’re both Cornish, but I feel really protective over her. She seems like a really nice person and she’s just trying to have a good time but everyone seems to think they can control her and change who she is. There is one particular woman in the villa who really irks me. Amy, who is coupled up with Curtis, seems to think she has this claim over her friendship with Lucie. For some reason, she gets really offended when Lucie doesn’t hang out with the girls. I’m really sure why she thinks what Lucie does is any of her business, but she’s caused a lot of drama and tears for Lucie. It’s not really on. ITV have had a lot of comments suggesting that they check on Lucie and her mental health because it’s really clear that she isn’t happy. She can’t turn to her partner because he’s controlling, and now the girls are mad at her for not being with them all the time. Who can she turn to? It must be quite lonely in there for her. The only person she has is Tommy, but apparently, that friendship is ‘strange’. Who does Lucie have? I just want to give her a big hug. Read this hugely misguided article from Cosmopolitan who have seriously reached out to attack Lucie for some reason? Note that Tommy is not receiving any form of anger or hate from anyone. Just Lucie.

Moving on from sexism to, oh wait, more sexism! Sherif was the first Islander to get the


boot. Not from the public, but from the production team! When it was announced that he had left the villa the whole country was so curious as to why. Well, Sherif finally told us why. So, I totally understand that Sherif never meant what he did in a sexist way, but that’s the problem. Subtle acts of sexism are so accepted and widely used that we don’t even take notice of them anymore. From what I’ve read (on the internet you never know what is 100% true), apparently Sherif was play fighting with fellow Islander, Molly-Mae, and kicked her in her lady bits and said ‘c*** punt’. I’ve heard this term a lot, especially from the boys at school. Because I’ve heard it so often I never would’ve considered it sexist, but then I read more about it. This term is an offensive term used about attacks on women. He claims that he and the production team came to a mutual decision for him to leave the villa and he’s extremely sorry for his mistake. A lesson, maybe.

Anton, the Scottish Hugh Heffner (well so he thought), came under fire before he even entered the villa. Old photos surfaced of Anton dressed as Mr T. Gold chains, mohawk and you guessed it, blackface! Because apparently, he thought that was a good idea. Spoiler: it’s not. At all. I’m not quite sure what went through his head when he decided this would be a fun idea, but it certainly says a lot about him. If it wasn’t for his blatant racism, I could quite like Anton. Granted his interview tape in the first episode was probably the cringiest thing I’ve ever watched, he seems to have calmed down and seems reasonably nice. Shame about his racist past, though.

Anton in blackface from his Facebook

As I mentioned before, we are only two weeks into the show so who knows what’s going to happen for the other three. But don’t you worry, I’ll be here to share my opinions and views on any controversy that comes out of sunny Majorca.

Are you enjoying the series? What do you think about Joe and Lucie?



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