Vegan Places To Eat In Cornwall

Since going vegan I have struggled to find places to eat. It doesn’t help that I’m an incredibly fussy eater anyway. I’ve come up with a list of some vegan places in Cornwall, including some of my favourites. If you’re coming to Cornwall on holiday during the summer, or whenever, and you want to know some places you can eat, no problem! I got you.

  1. The Cornish Vegan (Truro) – I love The Cornish Vegan. They do the BEST ‘chicken’
    ‘Chicken’ wrap with homemade coleslaw, chips and ketchup

    wrap. I swear it’s so delicious. Everything is vegan (obviously) and there are so many options, ‘fish’ and chips, salads, soup and more. They’re really great for making everything themselves, and it’s fresh. You’ll have a great experience, I promise.

  2. The Stable (Falmouth and Newquay) – The Stable make delicious vegan pizzas I have ever had. There aren’t a lot of options, but what they do have is really great. There are four vegan pizza options, salads, a pie and some side and starter options.
  3. Zizzi (Falmouth) – Zizzi is one of my favourite restaurants for vegan Pizza in Cornwall. I love Italian food and I really missed pizza when I became vegan, so I was pretty excited to try the Zizzi pizza. Not only that, but they have the most amazing chocolate torte for pudding. It’s rare to find vegan desserts that I like; I only really like chocolate puddings. If you do make it to Zizzi then definitely try out their amazing desserts.
  4. Vood Bar (Sennen Cove) – Vood Bar is a food van based at Sennen Cove. Not only is Sennen Cove beautiful, but you can buy some really incredible vegan food. The chips are amazing. You can buy vegan alternatives to the traditional Cornish pasty. ‘fish’ and chips, ‘crab’ cakes, burgers and more! You can spend a day on the scenic beach with the convenience of delicious vegan food.

    ‘Fish’ and chips from Vood Bar at Sennen Cove
  5. The Little Green Vegan Bakery/The Cornish Vegan Pasty co (St Agnes) – Two business’, one shop. Why not pop in and get a delicious pasty, then finish it off with some fluffy, flavourful cake? I can’t think of anything better. You can also buy some of the Little Green Vegan Bakery’s incredible cakes at The Cornish Vegan in Truro. They’re my favourite cakes, even better than non-vegan cakes. My favourite cake is the chocolate caramel one. Mmm.

    One of The Little Green Vegan Bakery’s cakes, from The Cornish Vegan, on my birthday.

Here are five(/six) vegan places to eat in Cornwall. There are plenty more, maybe I’ll do another list featuring others. If you visit any of these wonderful restaurants/cafes let me know what you thought of them!


Vegan Places To Eat In Cornwall


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