I’m Changing My Name…

That’s right, I’m changing my name. Well, not my Blog name. My actual name! Sorry for the minor clickbait. But yes, I am changing my name. My current full name is Brenna Lana Henry. I will be changing my surname to Johns.

As you’ll know, if you read my ‘Tracing my Family Tree‘ blog post from a couple months back, I’ve been doing a lot of research into my family and where I come from. I’ve found out so many interesting stories about my family and ancestors. Along with that, I have felt really close to my Nan and my Papa who died in 2004 and 2001. They both died when I was very little so I didn’t have much time with them. After learning out so much about them and finding old photos I hadn’t seen before, I just felt a connection to them.

My Mum is currently the only ‘Johns’ left (that we know of), and I think that is such a shame. Obviously, I am a Johns by blood, but the name is at its end. I don’t want that to happen. So, that is why I have decided to change my name!

Although I will always be a Henry, I have two younger siblings with the same surname, therefore the name will live on through them, especially my brother.

I’ve been thinking of it for a while. I’ve made small changes to my social media, but I have not yet made it legal. I’ve been looking into it and I think it’s going to be reasonably easy. And it only costs £36! I will definitely be doing that sooner rather than later.

If any of you have changed your name in the past I would definitely love to know if you found the process easy and straightforward.

Bren Johns x


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