The 1975 – Westpoint Arena, Exeter

If you know me then you know how much I adore The 1975. They’re in line with The Neighbourhood as my all time favourite band. Well actually, maybe they’re a little ahead of them… I’ve loved them for a long time, since 2013, and when they announced they were going on tour again I just had to go. I saw them in 2015 in Plymouth and it was incredible. I was sick for the whole day but there was just no way I was ever going to miss that show. I even got the chance to meet them. Matty is the WORST at taking selfies – I totally look like an egg. Doesn’t matter though, that was one of the best days of my life.

the 1975 mg
How bloody cute is Matty though?

Shortly before the release of their third album, ‘ A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’, The 1975 announced their UK tour. They’re normally fantastic at actually touring the whole country. There were shows all over the UK. It’s usually quite rare for bands/artists of this status to travel south enough for me to be able to attend a show. I’m forever grateful they do come down here. I would have been eternally regretful if I never got to witness this band live.

The 1975 started in 2002, whilst the boys were still in school. Matty Healy (lead vocals, guitar), George Daniel (drums), Adam Hann (lead guitar, keyboard, other) and Ross MacDonald (bass, keyboard, other) make up the band. Matty often vocalises his distaste of labelling the band, so I won’t even try to give you a category they fit in to.

It’s no secret how much I love them (sorry Mum). Their songs are really just something else. I get so emotional listening to them and that is something I can’t explain. They have such an effect on me. I’m not really complaining though. I think it probably stems from how I used to listen to them a lot when my mental health was at it’s lowest, and I know that Matty has suffered (/suffers) with mental illness, so I totally relate to what he has to say.

The band are headlining Reading and Leeds festival later on in the year and playing Coachella. Tonight (20th Feb) they won two Brit awards, Best Album (A brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships) and Best British Group. I’m very proud of and pleased for them. They for sure deserve both of those awards. They had some worthy opponents, though.

Anyway, getting to my review of their show at Exeter’s West Point arena – which by the way is the most inconvenient venue I have ever visited (took us two hours to leave the venue grounds after the show). A month ago (sorry I’m really late writing this) I saw them live with a friend of mine – who is also a huge fan! I love going to concerts anyway, but I so enjoyed this concert and it was one of the best shows I have ever seen. Even better than the first time I saw them. The first time I saw them, they had very minimal visuals, only the three boxes above them and small screens at the back of the stage – still a great show though. It’s clear that Matty is a natural born entertainer. He has such an amazing stage presence and is such a joy to watch, it was honestly an honour.

From when I saw them in 2015!

Because we had both seen them before, we weren’t too bothered about getting close to the stage, or anything like that. The doors opened at about 6:30 and we started queuing at around 6, so we didn’t really have to stand around for too long – time passed pretty quickly anyway.

Pale Waves and No Rome opened for them and they were both great! I liked Pale Waves anyway, and No Rome was relatively new to me. I was thoroughly impressed by both artists. I highly recommend checking them out too, if you don’t know who they are!

I lost my damn mind when The 1975 actually started their set. I was so2 overwhelmed with emotion. The visuals they had in their set were incredible. I had seen pictures of the set on Twitter and Instagram but they don’t even compare to seeing them personally. I may or may not have cried at three separate points in their set…

They started off with ‘The 1975’ (obviously), the version from their latest album; definitely my favourite version of the song. ‘Give Yourself A Try’ then followed and the crowd were amazing. You when you just get that awesome buzz off a crowd? Yeah, that’s what it was like. Although, from what I’ve seen on Twitter and other social media, the crowd weren’t as lively as previous gigs which is a bit of a letdown. Either way, the show was incredible and I had a fucking great time.

All of my favourite songs were played (Robbers still makes me cry like a baby) and I am so grateful I got to hear them live, I’m getting emotional just thinking about it. I filmed a lot of it – even though I told myself I wouldn’t. I didn’t really get any great photos, but I don’t particularly mind. I used all of the memory on my phone, too. Oops. I also sound like a banshee in every single video I took…

I tried to upload a video to this post, but it was taking soo long and I just don’t think it was ever going to upload, so I’ve uploaded it to Youtube! Check it out below:

I’ve always admired the political stance the band take. I love how they aren’t afraid to speak their minds either. Just listen to ‘Love It If We Made It’ and you’ll know what I mean. They for sure use their privilege to voice their opinions on social injustices. It’s very inspiring. Their visuals for the show definitely showed that. They brought up some incredibly important issues that need to be spoken about. Even in one of their speeches at the Brit Awards tonight, Matty called out the misogyny within the music industry. I love that they use their platform for some good. Check out their speech here.

7I’m trying not to give a biased opinion of the show, and I don’t think I am. The show was just such a genuinely fantastic experience. I was completely overwhelmed for a few days afterwards. Even my Mum said that she wishes she had gone. It was one I really wouldn’t have wanted to miss.

In a recent interview with GQ (watch the interview here, it’s truly amazing), Matty mentioned how they were going to be touring until 2021, but after that, I am unsure of the future of The 1975. I know they were only going to release three albums and then move on to other projects, possibly not related to the band. But they are coming out with another album before August of this year called ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’. Who knows what lies ahead for the band. So, I wholeheartedly recommend seeing this band before it’s too late. I’m for sure going to try and go again before I no longer can and I suggest you do too, you won’t regret it.

Have you ever seen The 1975 before? What did you think?




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