Brand Review: Yaoh!

I’m always on the lookout for vegan brands, and when I come across one I just get so excited. A few months ago I was searching for a vegan lip balm. I could have bought one online, but I was so desperate for one, so I went out to look for one. I searched in so many stores, Superdrug, Holland and Barrett, Boots and Lush. All the ones I could find had beeswax in them, not vegan. I finally found one at my local health food shop, can you believe it? I had to stock up, and I love them.


Founded in 2002, Yaoh is a UK based company who use hemp oil in all of their products. I had never used hemp oil before, but it’s so ‘creamy’. It works perfectly in lip balms;1 they’re so moisturising and the flavours are amazing. Even if you’re not vegan you should really look into the Yaoh lip balms, there is no reason for beeswax to be used in any lip balms. Support the bees!

There are nine different flavours of lip balms. I have personally only tried four of them, but if they are anything to go by, then the rest will be incredible. The flavours are blueberry, watermelon, bubblegum, spearmint, Caribbean breeze, natural, coconut, mango and strawberries and cream. So much choice! The bubblegum one is my favourite, though.

The brand very kindly sent me some of their lovely products to try and review for you. I’ve tried them out for a couple of weeks now. Yaoh sent me their coconut and lime shampoo, summer breeze conditioner, a couple lip balms, tropical fruits body butter and the deep forest moisturiser.

4Shampoo and conditioner: I adore these products. I’m telling you, my hair has never felt this soft. Over the past couple of months, my hair has started to feel pretty dry and damaged, but the shampoo and conditioner have really changed all of that. My hair is so shiny too, and the red in my hair doesn’t look dull anymore. You can buy the shampoo in three scents, original, coconut and lime and tropical fruits. The conditioner is in two scents, original and summer breeze. They’re organic, 100% vegan and cruelty-free; they contain no harmful chemicals, parabens and sulphate. My Mum has also used the shampoo and conditioners and agrees with me about how amazing they leave your hair feeling. Completely untangled both of our hair; I have really thick hair, whereas my Mum has rather fine hair.

2Moisturiser: This moisturiser smells so good! It contains cedarwood which is what gives it this amazing scent. It takes me back to when I worked in a soap shop, and all you could smell was the cedarwood. It’s light, but creamy and leaves my skin so soft. It doesn’t feel too obvious on my skin. It absorbs really fast but doesn’t just disappear like some moisturisers I’ve used before. With most scented moisturisers I’ve used, the scent doesn’t seem to last that long, but this one lasts for so hours! It continues to smell so fresh, too. You can buy five different scents: dark forest, original, cocoa bean, tropical fruits and summer breeze.

3Body butter: I was sent the tropical fruits body butter, it smells exactly how you would expect it to. It leaves your skin smelling just as marvellous! Just like the moisturiser, it absorbs really quick so you’re not left feeling sticky. It’s creamy and my skin felt so soft after using it. A little goes a long way. I applied after exfoliating and shaving my legs and they were the softest I’ve ever felt them! The hemp oil really does some magic on your skin.

All of the products I’ve mentioned are free of any horrible chemicals that cause us harm, they all contain hemp oil and they’re all completely vegan and cruelty-free which is brilliant. Besides the products I was sent and spoken about, you can buy suncream, bubble bath, shower gel, healing salve, hemp seeds and hemp oil. You can shop all of the products here! You should definitely go and check them out, especially all you vegans out there! I am definitely going to be restocking my supplies when I run out. Thank you, Yaoh!\

Have you tried any of Yaoh’s products?



10 thoughts on “Brand Review: Yaoh!

  1. Great post! I’ve never heard of this brand before but they sounds really great! Ive been really really interested in hemp oil and hemp related things as of late so these products sounds very intriguing! x

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