Halloween Tag!

I love answering questions and I love Halloween so why not answer questions about Halloween? Sounds ideal to me. I found these questions on Kat Bouska’s blog. I know they’re supposed to be for Youtube, but oh well, they still get answered in the same way! Anyway, let’s get started!

1. Favourite horror or Halloween-themed song?jack

I love the opening song of The Nightmare Before Christmas – This is Halloween. It’s so nostalgic and I always want to dance or sing-a-long when I hear it!

2. Name something you wouldn’t want to run into in a dark forest or in an abandoned building.

I’m not really sure, I’m not really scared of that much. I suppose it would have to be a werewolf – just because you can’t reason with one, they’re a wild animal and would kill you without a thought.

3. Have you ever played with an Ouija Board?

Well, I went on a ghost hunt with Most Haunted last year, and we did have a go on an Ouija board. I don’t believe it because I didn’t trust the woman who was doing it with my Mum and me. She was shady!
4. Favourite horror monster or villain?

I love vampires and vampire stories like Dracula. But I thinkregan my favourite horror villain from films would have to be Pazuzu – the Demon who possesses Regan in The Exorcist. I love that film.

5. The creepiest thing that’s ever happened while you were alone?

I was in bed a few years ago, just lying there on my phone, and my bed moved. Like the mattress jumped. That was weird, but I still want weirder things to happen. I’m always encouraging any ‘ghosts’ to spook me.

6. If you were dared to spend the night in a “haunted house”, would you do it?

Yes! Of course. I’d love to, I’m not really scared of things like that.

7. Are you superstitious?

I actually don’t know. I feel like I am sometimes, but I also know that it’s all nonsense.

8. Do you ever see figures in your peripheral vision?

Yes, but I think that may be hallucinations to do with Bipolar, haha.

9. Which urban legend scares you the most?

So I used to be TERRIFIED of the ‘Bloody Mary’ legend. My friend and I used to try and do it, but we always chickened out before we could finish. I may be a little nervous to do it now, but that’s probably because of how scared I used to get.

10. Do you prefer gore or thrillers?

I love both, but thrillers can be really clever and can really mess with your head. I like that sort of thing. I also think that horror films can sometimes rely on gore too much, this is off-putting. The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre doesn’t show any gore at all yet it is still one of the best horror movies of all time!

11. Do you believe in multiple dimensions or worlds?

I mean, there is always a possibility. I’m the sort of person who needs proof to believe something. I go on facts really. But I am also pretty open-minded when it comes to things like this.

12. Ever made a magic potion of any sort?

I haven’t, but potions are cool and if you’re a witch then you’re so awesome! I’d love to look into witchcraft and different beliefs around that area, but I wouldn’t know where to start so if you have some tips then I’d be very grateful!

13. Do you get scared easily?

Not really. I’m pretty sound when watching horror films, and I’m not scared of ghosts or demons etc.

14. Have you ever played Bloody Mary?

Yeah, like I said earlier I used to try and do it with my friend when we were younger.

15. Do you believe in demons/the devil?

This is a funny question. I often think about this. See, I don’t believe in God and I feel that maybe they come hand-in-hand so, therefore, I shouldn’t believe in the Devil. But at the same time, I kind of do too. I’m not really sure what I believe. I probably think there is a possibility of either existing.

16. You’re home alone but you hear footsteps in your house, what do you do?

Call out and see if they can come close to me! I’m so desperate to hear or see a ghost, it’s honestly all I want.

17. If you got trapped in one scary movie, which would you choose?zombies

I’d probably choose one I think I have a strong chance of surviving, so I’d probably go for a zombie film. Definitely not World War Z zombies though… I’d be dead instantly. But maybe like Dawn of the Dead. Maybe.

18. If you could only wear one Halloween costume for the rest of your life, what would you be?

Maybe Daphne from Scooby-Doo or Poison Ivy! I love both of them.

19. would you ever go to a graveyard at night?

Yeah, it’s not that scary. My friend and I used to walk through one in my town that is right next to where the public hangings used to take place.

20. In a zombie apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice?

Something blunt like a bat or hockey stick. Also a bow and arrow. You can always make more arrows if you run out, and you can easily make a bow too.

21. Would you rather go to a Halloween party or go trick or treating?

You get to dress up for both, that’s all I’d want to do really.

22. You’re in a horror movie. Are you the final girl, the first to die, the comic relief, the sceptic, the smart one, or the killer?

Maybe I’m the killer? Who knows. Most likely I’m the smart one though. Stick with me and you’ll be okay.

23. Do you have to watch something happy after watching a horror movie so you can go to sleep?

Nope. I can watch a horror film alone, at 3am, in the dark, then go to sleep. I’m not worried about horror films.

24. Whilst watching scary movies, are you the person who yells at the characters, the person with their eyes covered the whole time or the person who falls asleep?

I constantly yell at the characters! They make stupid decisions that get them killed. It’s really frustrating.

25. Are you the one who gets scared, or the one who does the scaring?

I don’t really do either, but I suppose I do the scaring more.

26. A favourite scary book? 38795779_242738973020898_626140183749722112_n

Carrie by Stephen King or Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake!

27. How old were you when you saw your first horror movie?

Okay, so I watched the first ten minutes of Scream when I was about six or seven, you know the part with Drew Barrymore and the famous ‘what’s your favourite scary movie’ question, and that scared the life out of me. It’s one of my favourite all-time favourite films now.

28. What was your first Halloween costume?

I can’t remember my very first costume, but I dressed up as a corpse bride for my year six Halloween party. It was such a great costume but I don’t have any photographs of it! I had a second-hand wedding dress from a charity shop, a leaf bouquet, leaves in my hair, dark makeup around my eyes, and blood on my neck and wrists. I looked pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

29. What are you going to be for Halloween this year?

I don’t think I’m doing anything this year, but I may just dress up as Velma for the Hell of it!

30. If you could have a spooky Halloween pet (black cat, owl, bat, rat, wolf), what would you pick?

A rat! I love rats. I used to have rats but I don’t have any anymore. I will definitely have more one day. They’re seriously the best pets.

If you want to answer these questions then tag me in your post, I’d love to see your answers.

Thanks for reading!



16 thoughts on “Halloween Tag!

  1. Well this was such a fun and entertaining post to read!! I may have to do a bit of a rejiggle in my blogging schedule to squeeze this in!! What a great tag!! Xx

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  2. Love Carrie I watched the remake last night. You should give Sabrina a go (the new one on Netflix) it’s got a good mix of humour and horror

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