Book Challenge Day 30 – Wrap Up

I just wanted to use this last day to say thank you to every single person who read any of my posts in this challenge. I loved doing it, and I’m glad I ended up creating my own because it gave me the opportunity to have a bit more freedom, and they were questions I liked. I wasn’t expecting so many of you to read my posts about this challenge, so I’m very grateful.

If you took part, I know a couple of you did, then thank you! I loved seeing your posts and what you’re reading. I definitely took some ideas of what I need to read. I’m very grateful for your comments and messages about this challenge.

I intend to do more! I really enjoyed taking part so this for sure won’t be the last challenge I do.

I got to write about all the books I love. Writing and books, two of my favourite things!

Thank you all for reading!



8 thoughts on “Book Challenge Day 30 – Wrap Up

  1. I used to read a lot in high school, but then when I started going to uni I just kind of switched from reading books to watching series. Last year I gave myself a challenge to start reading again and it was going really good, but now I will also need to challenge myself to something like that.

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    1. It definitely helps! Also some monthly challenges you can find on Instagram. They sometimes have read-alongs etc. They’re really handy! But also just find a book you like, can’t go wrong there!

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  2. Hi, well done on this challenge! I love reading and really need to read more. These posts will give me inspiration when deciding to purchase new books. Congratulations on the challenge. It seems like it was a big undertaking I can see a lot of hard work went in them! I love forward to reading more posts!

    Linda ||

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