Book Challenge Day 25 – Least Favourite Author

I know that this author is very well liked, and rightly so. And don’t get me wrong, I love his stories. But… I hate the way he writes. Charles Dickens, in my opinion, over-writes his work. I find it really hard to read.


I’ve tried to read multiple Dicken’s novels, multiple times, but I just cannot get into them. It’s such a shame though because I love the story and plot of his stories; Oliver Twist is one of my favourite stories, but I can’t read the book.

Whenever I mention this to people most of them seem to understand why because they feel the same. Not everyone though, otherwise he wouldn’t be one of the greatest writers of all time. Just not for me.

I definitely think I’ll try and try again until I actually make it all the way through a Charles Dicken’s novel. I’ll make it my life mission. I may even find that I actually like it, who knows. But until then I have to say that Charles Dicken’s is my least favourite author.

Do you like Charles Dickens?

Thanks for reading!



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