Book Challenge Day 22 – Character You’d Like To Be Friends With

There are loads of characters I would like to be friends with. So, due to the process of elimination, I’ve decided I would want to be friends with Percy Jackson the most. Percy Jackson is the protagonist of the ‘Percy Jackson’ book series by Rick Riordan.

Percy Jackson is a demi-God. He is the son of the Greek God of the sea – Poseidon. I love mythology so the idea of hanging out with Greek Gods and mythical creatures all day seems pretty damn exciting.

I love all of the stories that come with the Gods and Creatures. Being friends with Percy Jackson would put me right in the middle of all things mythological, which I’m down for. Although most of the Gods of Goddesses in Greek mythology (and Roman) are totally scary and unpredictable, I think that’s a life I’d be willing to live. I just don’t want to get on the wrong side of Athena, am I right Medusa? Yikes.

I love the Percy Jackson series, I just wish the films did the book justice. They lacked the excitement that the books have which sucks. I definitely think that they should remake the film but as a TV series instead. Incorporate all the book into this series. I reckon it’d be amazing with the right cast. Better than the films anyway.


If you’re into mythology you’ll know how dark and twisted it is, and that would be intimidating if I were to be friends with Percy Jackson, especially because his father is a piece of shit (google it). Honestly, I’d chill with Medusa. She is one cool lady, despite everything that happened to her.

Are you a Greek, Roman or Egyptian mythology lover? Who or what is your favourite mythological creature?

Thanks for reading!



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