Book Challenge Day 21 – Book About Animals

Michael Morpurgo was a pretty big author when I was growing up. My primary school seemed to be fond of him as the only books we seemed to read were his novels. I mean, I liked them so I’m not really complaining. One we didn’t read in school, but I read, later on, was ‘War Horse’.


I’m not really a massive fan of war books or films, but War Horse was such a good book. I read it just before the film was announced (fantastic film too, by the way), pretty good timing I think. Set during the First World War, a horse named Joey is sold to the army. Joey’s owner, Albert, tried to join too so he can stay with his horse but he is too young. Joey goes on this huge adventure due to his riders dying. He is used by Germans and the English, even a local farmer. It’s a book that sparks emotion within you whether you want it to or not.

I’ve read a selection of Michael Morpurgo books and I really quite like them. Well, liked them. I don’t read them anymore and haven’t for a while. ‘War Horse’ is probably his most well-known novel; probably due to the film adaptation and also the stage production.

On the 8th of this Month, I saw ‘War Horse’ on stage. It was incredible. I truly41493237_297717601038701_980588201007644672_n rate it. The production is wonderful. The costumes are spectacular. You’ve probably all seen the amazing horse puppets they use. It’s mind-blowing. I love it. To be fair, I wasn’t all that impressed, to begin with, but it definitely redeemed itself. Go see it if you can.

Have you read any Michael Morpurgo books?

Thanks for reading!



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