Book Challenge Day 16 -Least Liked Character

When I was reading ‘The Great Gatsby’ I just could not stand Tom Buchanan. Tom Buchanan is the husband of Daisy, who is Jay Gatsby’s sort-of lover. In a previous post I wrote about the relationship between Jay and Daisy, so you’ll know they had a relationship, then Jay went to war and came back to Daisy married. Daisy didn’t know he was back, but Jay bought a huge house opposite Daisy’s and threw all of these extravagant parties to try and get her attention. Spoiler alert: It didn’t work.


The narrator of the novel is Nick Carraway – Daisy’s cousin. Nick is also the next door neighbour of Jay Gatsby. After Nick receives an invitation to one of Gatsby’s parties he discovers the truth. Jay asks Nick to help him get Daisy back, and Nick reluctantly agrees.

Tom Buchanan is my least liked character because he’s been having an affair with his friend George’s wife, Myrtle. I don’t think it’s really clear how long they have been seeing each other, but it seems to have been a while because they have an apartment in New York City. Daisy is aware of his mistress; she calls their house to speak to Tom.

I am not Daisy’s biggest fan either, but Tom is just slightly in the lead because of his treatment of Daisy. Even though he has been seeing someone else, Daisy’s affair with Gatsby is like the end of the world for him. He gets possessive and irrational. It’s like he can do something but she isn’t allowed to do the same. That’s not to say either of them are in the right, they’re absolutely not, but Tom is a hypocrite. I just do not like him.

Did you like Tom Buchanan?

Thanks for reading!



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