Meet my Dogs!

I have two dogs called Tilly and Herbie. I thought I’d write a post about Tilly and Herb so you can get to know them.


Tilly is my rescue pup. She is a Labrador x Greyhound, so she’s pretty big. She is about 4-years-old, but she is a rescue so we can’t be 100% sure about her age. We rescued her on February 16th 2017, so we’ve had her for 18 months now.

Tilly’s back story is apparently that her previous owner was a bit of a drinker, and went on a bender leaving Tilly alone for days. Her owners brother found her alone in the flat with no food – she’d been through the bins for food.

She is the sweetest dog ever. I just don’t understand how anyone could ever hurt her. She definitely thinks she’s a small lapdog; she has to be on our laps when we’re on the sofa. Tilly is such a people dog and loves the company of humans. Can’t relate.

She is just the perfect dog and we’re incredibly lucky to have a rescue as amazing as Tilly. She is just so sweet and kind.


We have had Herbie since he was a puppy. He is now 9-years-old – he’ll be 10 on February 23rd.

Herb is a border collie x Lurcher, so he’s a funny looking thing. He isn’t very photogenic… Herb is very

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