Book Challenge Day 14 – Book You Always Go Back To

I have a few books that I could read over and over again, no matter what. But I have already written about those in this challenge, so I thought I’d talk about one I have read about three times that I love. That would be ‘Lolita’ by Vladimir Nabokov.

I first read ‘Lolita’ a few years ago, probably when I shouldn’t have been reading ‘Lolita’. That doesn’t matter though because I’m so glad I did. This book opened up my eyes to the world of literature. I was so blown away by this novel it just inspired me to read more and more classics. So I suppose I owe my love for classics to Vladimir and his wonderful ‘Lolita’.

It has always been surrounded with controversy due to its questionable plot. When you first hear what the plot is about you’ll probably have some questions, but doesn’t that make you want to read the book?


‘Humbert Humbert’ becomes obsessed with his landlady’s 12-year-old daughter, Dolores. Dolores flirts with Humbert, then eventually kisses him before she leaves for summer camp. Humbert Humbert marries Charlotte, Dolores’ mum, but after she finds out about his lust for her daughter, she is hit by a car and killed. Humbert Humbert, as her step-dad, picks Dolores up from camp and the two stay in a hotel then travel around the country, as father and daughter.

The story is about how Humbert Humbert manipulates Dolores and lies to her just to fulfil his perverted fantasies. It is such a brilliant book and has been made into two films and multiple stage productions. Probably the most famous film version is the one starring Jeremy Irons and Dominique Swaine as the main characters. For sure check that out!

What are your opinions on ‘Lolita’?

Thanks for reading!




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