Book Challenge Day 13 – Read In School

‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee is a universally read book within schools, I think. So you all probably read it, and know the plot, outcome and have analysed it to within an inch of its life. But if you haven’t, I’ll give a brief description of the plot.

Scout Finch is the daughter of Atticus Finch, a lawyer in a small town – Maycombe, Alabama. During the Great Depression (1933-1935), Atticus is appointed to defend Tom Robinson, a black man on trial for the rape of a young white woman. Atticus defending Tom doesn’t go down too well with the people of Maycombe, and Atticus and his family face backlash. Atticus even faces people who intend to ‘lynch’ Tom.


The main focus of the novel is about judgement. Scout and her older brother, Jem, are scared and curious about their mysterious neighbour, ‘Boo’ Radley. They seem to judge ‘Boo’ on rumours and his weird family. Also, the judgment of Tom Robinson, who was proven innocent yet still found guilty, by the whole town based on his skin colour.

At the time of reading – during school – I really did not like this book. But I would base that on the fact we were forced to read it, and it took months. I’ve since re-read the book and now I actually like it. It was the same for ‘Lord Of The Flies’ too.

What did you read in school?

Thanks for reading!



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