Book Challenge Day 10 – Best Series

I’m doing it again! I’m here to tell you about ‘After’. I’ve already written about the series a few times on my blog so I’m going to keep with short and sweet.

The story follows Hardin Scott and Tessa Young and their unconventional relationship through university. There are four books in the series: ‘After’, ‘After We Collided’, ‘After Happy Ever’ and ‘Before’.

As I mentioned in my previous posts about ‘After’, it’s becoming a film! Filming has actually come to an end now and we’ll have the film in April 2019 which is super exciting.


Written by Anna Todd on Wattpad with nearly half a BILLION reads. It started off as a Harry Styles fanfiction and has ended up as the best selling novel in so many countries. That’s pretty inspiring if you ask me!

I’m sorry this post is a little short and boring, but I have two other posts where I talk about ‘After’, so if you’d like to know more then I’ll leave them linked here and here!

Thanks for reading!



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