Book Challenge Day 8 – Book Beginning with ‘S’

This is not a book I have read, yet. I wanted to write about it though because I intend to read it soon. I may have even read it by the time this is posted. If I have, I’ll edit this post with a disclaimer at the bottom.

The book I am talking about is ‘Save Me The Waltz’ by Zelda Fitzgerald. In yesterdays post, ‘favourite author’, I spoke about Zelda a lot. She was the wife of American author, F. Scott Fitzgerald.


There are mixed reviews about this novel, which makes it interesting to me. Critics have said that the novel is messy and the characters are weak. I think that is a personal perception though, so I’d like to make my own mind up about it.

Zelda wrote this novel whilst she was in the hospital due to her schizophrenia. She spent hours during the day writing it. I don’t think she was all that convinced it was a good novel, but she seemed proud of it anyway.

From what I’ve read about the plot, it seems to be a part biography. Slightly based on her life, specifically her marriage to F. Scott Fitzgerald. They had a rather interesting relationship, so her take on it would be cool to see.

The novel failed when she was alive. It sold just over one-thousand copies which is pretty dire. It’s such a shame because she was hurt by the reviews and sales of the book. It was reprinted after her death and has done marginally better; a little too late though I think.

Zelda seemed to have a tough relationship with herself, and the people she surrounded herself with really didn’t help that. In my opinion, she deserved better.

Have you read it? What did you think?

Thanks for reading!



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