My Opinion On The False Allegations On Celebrity Big Brother

Last week Celebrity Big Brother viewers were shocked by allegations from housemate Roxanne Pallett. Roxanne, actress, accused fellow housemate Ryan Thomas, actor, of physical assault. Everyone was confused and bewildered about the allegations because we had all seen the ‘assault’ happen.

Ryan and Roxanne were seen in the kitchen, Ryan was ‘shadowboxing’ around Roxanne, barely touching her. Admittedly, we cannot know whether or not Ryan actually hurt her – only Roxanna can know that. We have to believe her when she says it hurt, and that is okay, that isn’t the problem I want to talk about today. Immediately after the incident, Roxanne laughed it off and jokingly called Ryan a ‘woman beater’. Ryan apologised for any pain he caused her, rightly so.

A while after the situation with Ryan, Roxanne goes to talk to Big Brother in the Diary Room where she accuses Ryan of ‘assaulting’ her and punching her ‘deliberately’. Roxanne also accused Ryan of punching her to physically hurt her, with meaning. These are some pretty big accusations to be throwing around. Especially when there are cameras watching your every move.

Ryan was given a formal warning by Big Brother and that was it. That wasn’t enough for Roxanne though; she demanded Ryan be removed for his actions because he doesn’t ‘deserve’ to be in the house. Roxanne also decided to sleep in a separate room that night because she didn’t feel comfortable in the same room as him as she was ‘suffering’.

These false accusations of assault and ‘abuse’ are disgusting. This could’ve had a catastrophic outcome for Ryan. He could’ve lost everything. Just imagine if those cameras weren’t there and she had made these accusations.

Roxanne decided to confide in a fellow housemate, Ben, about her ‘assault’. In the toilet together, away from the cameras, Roxanne proceeded to reenact the punches on Ben. I’m telling you right now, these were NOT the same punches. Ryan did not even touch Roxanne, yet she was punching Ben really hard. You could hear it through the microphone, and also in Ben’s reaction. After Ben was evicted he described what had happened in the toilet, and even watched the footage of the original incident. He confirms that what Roxanne described to him while he was in the house was not what is seen on the video.

The worst part of all of this is the disgusting way Roxanne acts afterwards. She tries to manipulate the other housemates, only the men though, by saying they shouldn’t listen to anything other than her version, or listen to Ryan because he is a liar. She is trying to control the situation by victimising herself and turning everyone else against Ryan.

She only talks to the men in the house because she knows they are more likely to believe her, and she is this pretty, innocent looking thing. Ben also admitted to having feelings for her, he is vulnerable around her and she knows it! Roxanne takes advantage of Ben’s kindness to manipulate and control this fake story she is spewing. Classic narcissist.

Yes, I believe Roxanne is a narcissist. I mean, I’m not an expert, but I’ve been around people just like her before. Everything is about her. Ryan’s devastation is something she tries to turn around on herself. She is also a compulsive liar, and I’ll tell you why.

There has been a lot of support shown for Ryan by other celebrities on Twitter. There is also a huge amount of people who say he deserves to win now after everything he has been through, and I wholeheartedly agree. What has happened to Ryan could’ve had huge repercussions on his mental health; if there weren’t any cameras around who knows what would’ve happened to him. There were upsetting scenes shown of Ryan breaking down and crying in the swimming pool because he just didn’t understand. After Ben’s eviction, the housemates could hear the crowd chanting ‘get Roxy out’ which caused Ryan to break down in tears because he knew that we all know what happened and he was going to be okay. This led to Roxy walking out that night. Good Riddance.

Since the incident was aired on Celebrity Big Brother last week, many people have come forward an shared their issues with Roxanne – including her fellow work colleagues. Over twenty to be precise. Kelvin Fletcher, who played her on-screen husband on Emmerdale, tweeted the following:

Says a lot I think. People she worked with for years are coming forward saying he is a ‘compulsive liar’ and ‘manipulative’. Oh, are you ready for this? Two other men have said that she has also falsely accused them of punching her too! I mean, you couldn’t make this up. Sam Attwater, who toured with Roxanne during a production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, accused Roxanne of hitting him then immediately running away telling people he had hit her. Honestly, this does not surprise me. The other person to speak out about Roxanne’s false accusations was Connor Byrne (Mike from Tracy Beaker). Connor admitted he hasn’t been watching the show but a friend of his saw the drama unfold and told him. So he watched the footage and said the situation is a ‘carbon copy’ of what happened between him and Roxanne. Two people stepping up and saying this has happened to them before sets off alarm bells in my head, as it should you.


Earlier this evening I watched the interview with Emma Willis, the host of Big Brother, and Roxanne. Let me tell you, Emma was not taking any of Roxanne’s shit. It was really interesting to watch. Roxanne seemed to answer Emma’s questions in a really long, round-a-bout way or completely avoid them all together if she could. It was infuriating to watch because I just do not buy anything she says. Remember she’s an actress. Everything she said or did just seemed rehearsed and fake to me – even her crying at the end. Emma handled this interview brilliantly. Roxanne also has an interview this morning with Jeremy Vine. Basically, everything she said was identical in both interviews which suggest, to me, that she was told what to say and not say by a solicitor or similar; apart from knowing what the other two men had said about her false accusations. She denied knowing anything about them in Emma’s interview yet acknowledged them in Jeremy’s. Seems sketchy to me.

Now, this whole situation has infuriated me beyond belief. Many people that are actually assaulted and abused for real, as in it actually happened, do not come forward or are not believed because of stupid, pathetic brats like Roxanne. This is seriously not okay. Roxanne should be ashamed of her behaviour (she won’t though because she is a narcissist). She should not have a career after this either. She deserves absolutely nothing. I can’t stand people that falsely accuse other people of doing some really serious stuff. This sort of stuff happens often and is disgusting. Anyone who makes a false accusation about someone else should be punished. It can lead to devastating outcomes which could see that person ruined – left with nothing. I can’t even fathom words at how fucked up doing something like that is. You need to really be a messed up person to even think about doing that. Roxanne is no exception; I hope Ryan and his family get the law involved in this. She doesn’t deserve to be let off. She could do this again (as we’ve seen it seems to be a reoccurrence) and really do some damage to someone. Don’t let her off so easy. That goes to anyone this has ever happened to – do not let your accuser get off lightly, it’s wrong and disgusting.

I’m not really ever this invested in shit like this, but this situation rubbed me the wrong way. I couldn’t just sit here and not give my opinion. I’m actually glad that Emma seems to be as pissed as me, and a lot of other people on Twitter. I’m also glad there is a conversation about stuff like this because it’s not ever something people seem to talk about on a large scale; when it does happen. Never, ever make false allegations against someone. It is not okay.

Have you watched it? What’s your opinion on the situation?

Thanks for reading!



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