Book Challenge Day 2 – Favourite Novel from 19th Century

The majority of books I love are from the 19th century, so picking my favourite was pretty difficult. In the end though, there was only one that stuck out for me. That would be ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Emily Brontë.

Emily and her sister Anne both raised money to self-publish ‘Wuthering Heights’ and ‘Agnes Grey’ together in one volume in 1847. The novel itself was written from 1845-1846. Both Anne and Emily knew that women writers weren’t taken seriously so they published the stories under the pseudonyms Ellis Bell for Emily and Acton Bell for Anne.


‘Wuthering Heights’ was Emily’s first and last published novel as she sadly died of tuberculosis in 1848, the year after it was published. Emily was the third-oldest of four siblings. Two sisters Charlotte and Anne, and their brother Branwell. Anne and Branwell both died in the same circumstances as Emily – tuberculosis. At first people thought that Charlotte, too, had the same fate, but it has become clear that she probably died due to her pregnancy. Emily was 30 when she died, which was a pretty good age for the time.

I talk about ‘Wuthering Heights’ a lot. I love the story and how the questions it leaves you with. You probably know about Heathcliff and Catherine, two lovers who live on the Yorkshire Moors. Although Heathcliff and Catherine love each other, this isn’t a love story. It’s filled with rage, revenge and… murder?

I’ll definitely be reading this story forever, and I’ll continue to share my love for it whenever and wherever possible. Emily is often seen as the greatest female writer of all time, and I agree. She, and her sisters, changed literature forever, and I’m very grateful.

Thanks for reading!



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