I have some questions about shrek…

Bear with me on this one! This is something that’s been playing on my mind a lot recently. Just like the next person, I love the Shrek films. Who doesn’t though, right? Anyway, whilst watching these masterpieces I realised things and I have questions. So I thought I would share my questions with you, and possibly ruin the films for you (sorry not sorry). So, here are things I’d like to know the answer to:

What did dragon turn in to when Donkey drank the magic potion?

The mushroom that Shrek sneezed on after sniffing the magic potion turned in to a rose, therefore it must have a true love right?

What can a mushroom love?

Donkey and dragon…?

It took Shrek, Fiona and Donkey days to get to Far Far Away, so how did Gingey and the gang get there so fast when Shrek, Donkey and Puss were arrested?

Why did Donkey get so upset about having to change back into a donkey when Shrek and Fiona didn’t kiss when he would change back into a donkey anyway because he didn’t kiss Dragon, his true love?

Where did the fairytale creatures go when Shrek made them leave the swamp?

And why didn’t they just leave on their own?

How has no one questioned that Rumplestiltskin is a completely different person in the third and fourth films?

How did the King and Queen know where to send the invitation to Fiona when they didn’t know she lived in a swamp?

Or that she was an ogre?

How did they make Mongo? The bakery was tiny

How did Fiona and The Little Mermaid swap kissing Shrek without him noticing?

How did Fiona eat if no one could get to her because of the Dragon?

How old is Fiona and how long was she in the tower?

Why did Shrek get to decide if he and Fiona take the throne when she was the heir, not him?

How do Fiona’s clothes fit her when she turns in to an ogre?

Is Fiona half frog?

Why isn’t Charming part Fairy?

Not that any of you asked, but here are the questions I have about the Shrek films. Hope you enjoyed…!

Thanks for reading!



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