My Tattoos

I love tattoos. I have eight of them. I have always liked them on people, yet I didn’t always want them on myself. I used to be scared of pain so the idea of getting a tattoo wasn’t very appealing to me. But, here I am!

I have a few done by the same artist, and others done by other artists; I definitely have a preferred artist (they’re all great though!).

My first tattoo was the word ‘Bandia’ (yes it’s the name of my blog) on my inner wrist. It means ‘Goddess’ in Irish Gaelic. Basically all my family come from Ireland so it’s a pretty special country to me. I’ve also loved the word goddess, and everything a goddess is, but I didn’t want to just get that word so I got it in Gaelic. I think it’s probably my favourite tattoo I have. I got it the day after my 18th birthday at a studio called Shaded Lady. It’s a woman run studio, which I love. I don’t think it hurt that much, but then again I may have just been so excited I couldn’t feel it.


Next, I got two tattoos on the same arm as my ‘Bandia’ tattoo. I got a rose and a crescent moon on my inner forearm. No special meaning for these tattoos, other than I like them really. The rose didn’t hurt much, except the shading; the shading was so painful. These tattoos are by a local artist called Jarrad Goldsworthy (@rise_and_reign_tattoo on Instagram).

The next tattoo I got was lyrics from David Bowie’s song ‘Heroes’ on my upper right forearm. I got ‘we can be heroes’ tattooed just after Bowie died; I wanted one before he died, so as soon as he passed away I was like ‘right, lets do this’! This was the most painful tattoo I’ve had so far. It’s in the sensitive area of my elbow crease (is that a thing?). I’m just grateful it was a fast and simple tattoo. I also got this tattoo done by Jarrad. I also really need this one touched up because the ink on some of the letters has really faded.

(see picture below)

Jarrad also did my next tattoo. I have Picasso’s peace dove on the inside of my right wrist. My Mum and I got this as a matching tattoo. We both liked the design so we thought why not? This one wasn’t really that painful, just a couple twitches.


The next one I got is one of my favourites. My Mum drew it for me after I gave her an idea of what I wanted. In my favourite people to follow on Instagram post you’ll see I mentioned I have a tattoo inspired by the work of Peta Heffernan; it’s this one. I love space and I thought this little abduction scene was super cute, so I just had to get it permanently placed on my body. Remy, an artist from a local studio called Atelier Four did this piece for me. The blacked out area at the bottom was the worst part.

37592899_1768915013155818_524887605351809024_n (1)

I got these olive branches from the same place I got my first tattoo.  They were having a charity event where the money raised was donated to foundation 4 peace. There was a selection of designs you could choose from. My Mum picked the Celtic Symbol of strength and I picked the olive branches. I think it’s super cute.


Last but not least, I have a little bat next to my rose. It’s nothing special; I got it for Friday the 13th last year. I thought it was cute so I got it. I need it touched up though, the ink has faded. It’s adorable and I love it.


For my next tattoo I want a portrait of Venus, the Roman Goddess of love and also one of Cupid. Haven’t decided where or how yet, but I already know they’ll look

Do you have any tattoos? What are they and did they hurt? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “My Tattoos

  1. Love all your tattoos!

    I have 4- ‘freedom’ with the O as the national eating disorder symbol. An infinity sign. A dream catcher with the quote ‘soar above the clouds, let your dreams set you free’. And lastly a tattoo for my grandpa ☺️


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