Best cruelty free foundations for pale skin!

When I was a young teen who couldn’t match her foundation to her skin, I would search and search for a post that showed affordable foundations I could possibly use. I couldn’t find any good articles or reviews; maybe it was because make up wasn’t as universal as it is now, or maybe because I was searching during the days of excessive fake tan. Who knows. So, I thought I would write a post so other young people who have skin that is almost translucent can find make up to fit them.

1. Makeup Revolution Fast Base Stick £5


When released in April it was announced that there would be eighteen shades. This is great for a first launch. There is a good range of shades that suit everyone from ghost-white (like me) to dark skin. I got the shade F1, which is the lightest shade that is currently available. I would say the shade has neutral undertones, which are still a little yellow for me. I should try F3 which has pink undertones, but I haven’t got round to it yet. From what I’ve read shades F1, F2 and F3 are pale shades with different undertones. Although it’s not the perfect match for me, it’s pretty good and I can definitely get away with it. I really recommend trying out each one of these shades to find the perfect one for you if you have pale skin.

2. GOSH Copenhagen Mineral Powder Foundation £9.99


Foundation powders are amazing! This one in particular is the only one I’ll use now. Unfortunately there are only four shades, which is pretty disappointing, but the product is great. It’s build-able and leaves you with a glowy finish. I use the shade Ivory 002 which is the lightest shade they do. It is perfect for smoothing out your skin tone, and also if you don’t want too much coverage. I use it alone, or with a concealer if I want a little bit more coverage.

3. e.l.f Flawless Finish Foundation £7.50


I have used this foundation in the past and I really liked it. It would suit people with neutral or yellow undertones more than people with pink undertones. I used the lightest shade in this range which I think was called Porcelain 111. It’s a medium coverage which definitely covered all of the redness in my skin and I didn’t really need to wear concealer with it, unless I had a particularly stubborn spot. I will say it can be a little troublesome on textured skin, but blended with a damp brush or make up sponge it works pretty good. It’s very dewy, so if you have oily skin then a setting powder is probably a must! Overall I rate this foundation pretty good and would definitely use again.

4. Revolution Pro Foundation Drops £7


This foundation is my favourite make up product at the minute. I haven’t owned it for long but it is one of the best foundations I have ever used. I would say it is medium to full coverage as it is quite a thick formula; so you really don’t need much. It’s build-able so I would start with a minimal amount and add more if you want more coverage. I don’t fins it oxidises. It’s very dewy so a powder is a must for everyone I think. I can’t really fault it, other than it’s thick so in the warmer weather it can get uncomfortable, but that’s not the fault of the foundation.

5. MUA Pro Custom Colour Foundation Mixer Lightening Cool £4

(Yes I know it says ‘warm’, I bought this one by mistake and I don’t have any of the ‘cool’ toned left.)

Not a foundation as such, but a lightening mixer! Finding the perfect shade is hard enough, but finding a foundation you like and get on with that includes your shade is difficult. So, sometimes you need a little help. Lightening and deepening mixers are the perfect conclusion. Mixing one with your favourite foundation gives you the chance to create the perfect shade for you. I use this specific one often. Depending on which one you get, it can also change the undertones of your foundation. The one I get is cool because I have pink undertones, but they also do a warm version with more yellow undertones. I think a product like this is a necessity for any make up lover.


These are my favourite cruelty-free foundations for pale skin. All products can be found on If you have any favourites then let me know, and I’ll be sure to check them out!

Thank for reading!



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