Favourite people to follow on Instagram

Instagram is definitely my favourite social media platform. I love photography so I enjoy looking at other peoples work, and also sharing my own! Maybe I’ll do a photo journal one day of my favourite photographs I’ve taken. Along with photographers I like to follow a variety of other people. Here are my favourite accounts that I would never un-follow:

Joanna Kuchta

Joanna Kuchta (@joannakuchta) is a Polish/Irish model and influencer. I’ve followed Joanna for a few years now and I’ve watched her account grow, and her career. She is so beautiful and from what I’ve seen she is a genuinely nice person too, which is a bonus.

Joanna’s account is so aesthetically pleasing. She definitely has a creative eye. She started off as a fashion blogger, but is now a freelance model. She also has a Youtube channel where she vlogs her travels and also appearances at fashion week.



Peta Heffernan

Peta Heffernan (@peta.heffernan) is a tattoo artist based in Canberra, Australia. Everything she posts on Instagram is so beautiful. I would get everything she has done tattooed on me. In fact I have one tattoo that is inspired by her work. I love it so much. I’d love to be tattooed by her one day, but it’s a long journey just for a tattoo, haha.

She seems to specialise in dainty, simple designs which is right up my alley. Everyday she posts something that I adore.



Lucy (@lucykg) is a traveller from Manchester, UK. I started following Lucy in 2013 when she was living in Vancouver. She always took such beautiful photographs of the scenery including lakes, mountains, forests and sunsets.

Since 2013 Lucy has travelled more and has posted some spectacular photographs. She is living the life I’d like to live! She has been to so many countries, I’m so jealous. I cant currently travel so I have to enjoy the pictures Lucy shares.



Coley (@bonjourcoley) is another traveller. I’ve always wanted to backpack around Europe, specifically Italy and Ireland, so when I found Coley’s Youtube videos of her journey around Europe I was pretty excited. Coley vlogs her trips and has recently been to Japan. I love looking at all the pictures she shares of her journeys.



Lua (@luanna) is a fashion, lifestyle and beauty blogger who lives in New York City. She is hair goals! I discovered her when I was photography student looking on Tumblr for inspiration. I love looking at all the outfits she shares. I also love reading her blog and I’ve gained some beauty tips from le-happy.


Lily Collins

Lily Collins (@lilyjcollins) is an American/British actress who has starred in Love, Rosie, Mortal Instruments, and Okja. She is playing Fantine in an upcoming TV adaptation of Les Misérables set to air later this year. She is also the Daughter of singer Phil Collins.

Along with being a brilliant actress, Lily has incredible fashion sense. Lily slays the Met Gala every year and always has some of my favourite looks. I share her outfits from the event often. I adore her; she is a major crush for me!


I hope this post gave you some new people to follow, and I really recommend checking them out if you want some new content on your Instagram feed. I also believe they all deserve some new followers and support!

Thanks for reading!





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