Summer Playlist!

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Summer is here! The weather is amazing. I don’t know about you but all I want to do is sit in the sun listening to music. I thought I’d make a playlist with all the songs I’ve been listening to in the sun.

I’ve made a full playlist on my spotify (you can follow me here), but here are a selection of songs I can’t stop listening to:

Hey look ma, I made it – Panic! At the Disco


Panic! At the Disco released their sixth studio album on the 22nd June, and I cannot stop listening to it! I’ve loved Panic! ever since they released their first single in 2005. Just before the release of this new album, Pray for the wicked, they released the music video for the single Hey look Ma, I made it. I’ve had it on repeat for the past couple days! It’s definitely one that I’m going to be listening to all summer long.

Valentine – 5 Seconds of Summer


Another recent album release. Youngblood is the third studio album by Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer. After a long break the boys came back with maturity and some pretty great music. Valentine is the fourth track on the album, and definitely my favourite! I can’t quite tell you what I love about it so much, but it really drew me in. I do also really love every other song on the album, but this stuck out to me immediately. The whole album is a summer hit.

Flowers – The Neighbourhood


Have I ever mentioned how much I love The Neighbourhood? I’ll tell you all again, I love them! Everyday I have a new favourite song. Flowers from their latest album is for sure my favourite song by them. When the self-titled alum came out earlier this year, Flower was the one song that I kept going back to. It’s a really chill song that I can just lie back and listen to.

Girls like girls – Hayley Kiyoko


Hayley Kiyoko is such a voice for the LGBTQ+ community. As a girl who likes girls, representation is so important. Hayley is a queer woman who casually sings about loving other women without sexualising lesbians. It’s so important to display things the way Hayley does, and this song is such a beautiful, proud song that I listen to over and over again. It makes me feel happy that I can relate to a song like this. I will listen to this song all this summer and also every single summer in the future!

Blow – Beyonce


Not a new song, just a bop! Beyonce is basically queen of the world, and I don’t think there’s a song out there I don’t like by her. Lemonade was so iconic and important, and her self-titled album from 2014 is just as iconic. Blow is a sexy, slow song, but you’re still able to dance to it.

Girl Crush – Harry Styles


For Another man by Ryan McGinley


This one isn’t a relatively new song either, but it’s so dreamy. It also helps that I am in love with Harry Styles and could listen to him sing until the end of time. This mellow song is perfect to just chill out in the sun to.

no tears left to cry – Ariana Grande


Queen Ariana released such a banger earlier this year. The first single from her new album, Sweetner, which will be released in August. This era Ariana is going to be iconic, I know it. She’s like a whole new woman. New boyfriend, engaged, music coming out every other damn day! This song reflects her new persona, and I’m so glad it does. So far she’s collaborated with Nicki Minaj and Troye Sivan, so you know this is a good time for fans of Ariana.

One Kiss – Calvin Harris ft Dua Lipa

one kiss

Who doesn’t like this song? Song of the summer for sure! Calvin Harris always delivers fantastic songs that make you happy, and adding Dua Lipa in to the mix was just a great idea. You just can’t help but move when this song is playing, it’s got such great feel-good vibes.

You can follow my summer playlist here if you’d like. All of the songs on this list will be included plus loads of other songs I’ll be listening to this summer. I’m also certain more will be added throughout the summer.

Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “Summer Playlist!

  1. oooh i love these songs and artists especially harry and the neighbourhood! have you heard their song 24/7, i love it just gives you the feels ~


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