Three months vegan & week of raw


Three months ago I became vegan. I started with a week of being raw (mostly) vegan. Raw vegan means only eating food that you don’t cook, also if it can be cooked under a certain temperature. My Mum and I opted to just go for uncooked food. I promised I would write a blog post about this sooner but I took a break from blogging, so here I am three months later writing about my vegan experience.

Disclaimer: I did’t start this diet to lose weight, I started it to improve my eating habits and also try to improve my health.

To begin with my Mum and I went out to buy a lot of fruit, veg and juices. Because I was going from a meat eater to straight raw vegan, we thought it’d be a good idea to get some food that isn’t raw just so it’d be easier for me. I was super excited to get started.

I ate a lot throughout the day, which is okay because it was all so healthy. I’d basically have a huge bowl of fruit for breakfast consisting of things like watermelon, pineapple, apple, satsumas and grapes. I’d have a glass of fruit juice with it. For lunch and dinner I’d have some more fruit or a salad. This was basically the same throughout the week. I’d also often make smoothies. My main smoothie ingredients consist of: strawberries, raspberries, grapes, pineapple, watermelon, spinach and water.

Although I mentioned that I didn’t change my diet to lose weight, I did lose 5 pounds which is a bonus, although it was most likely water weight. I felt so good for that week of raw. I was sleeping better at night, feeling more refreshed during the day and I had a lot more energy. I also found that I was less hungry, therefore eating less than I normally would which definitely helped to reduce how sluggish I felt before I went vegan.

I’ve always had a funny relationship with food. I’ve had eating disorders and basically had a fear of food, specifically trying new foods. Since going vegan I cannot tell you how many new foods I’ve tried, and liked! I’m so proud of myself as I never thought I’d ever be able to go vegan. How I was wrong!

I used to get ill all the time. I missed a lot of school because I got ill a lot, but since going vegan I have not been ill once. It’s been great! I’m consuming loads more vitamins and minerals so my body is thriving right now!

If you’re thinking about going vegan I really suggest trying! You have nothing to lose and you’ll also try so much new food you’ll forget all about non-vegan foods, I promise.

I’ll definitely do more posts about being vegan and some recipes I’ve picked up so keep an eye out for them!

Thanks for reading.



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Hi! I'm Brenna. I'm 20 years old and live in Cornwall, England. I started this blog back in September 2017 and I'd really like to create a blog I can be really proud of. Writing is my passion so any opportunity to do it I'll snatch right up! I hope you enjoy my content. Thank you! :) x

6 thoughts on “Three months vegan & week of raw”

  1. I definitely like the idea of going vegan but giving up dairy would be way too hard for me. I rarely eat meat, but I have cheese & cream/sour cream with almost everything I eat! Good on you for taking the leap though, it looks like it’s done you good!😊


  2. Hey Bandia. I have a link to a free ebook in blog section of my website. You might wanna read it and see life changing differences. Yes its for vegans! It’ll be a good guide through. I personally think its the only book that you will ever need because it has all the essential information from A-Z crystal clear. check it out😊

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