Life update – June


So this past month has been pretty quiet for me. I’ve been attending physiotherapy because it’s very likely have Fibromyalgia, but I don’t think physio is doing all that much at the minute. The physiotherapist gave me some stretches and exercises to do but when I went in to explain I had pain all over my body it’s like she didn’t quite understand and only really focused on the pain in my back I get from previous trauma. So the exercises and stretches are doing fine for my back but literally nothing else in my body. I will say though, the exercises and stretches are doing good for my mental health. I do feel more awake and just generally better within myself.

Moving on to mental health: I feel better in some senses due to the exercise from physio, but I don’t feel great in other aspects. I’ve been feeling pretty anxious recently due to some personal matters I wont mention here. I’ve been told to go to the doctors and maybe get some more anxiety medication but I just really really don’t want to be taking medication again. I was on Propananol and sertraline but since coming off them I literally feel no different. So, if I have the option to take a few pills everyday or take none and feel the same I know which one I’d choose. I’m also not saying that these meds are useless and don’t work. They do for some people! Every one is different and some people need different types of medications in comparison to other people. You just need to find the right medication for you. And yes, I know I should be taking my own advice, but I just really don’t want any pills. I’ll be okay without them.

I’ve been vegan for over two months now! Which is something I never thought I would be able to do due to eating disorders and just a general terrible relationship with foods. But, here I am! I feel so great, I definitely don’t feel as sluggish as I did before I went vegan. I went out for food for the first time since being vegan the other day, which I was really nervous about because of my food relationship. We went to Zizzi’s, which is an Italian restaurant with an okay vegan menu. I just went for a simple margharita pizza with vegan cheese; I’m not sure which one but it’s made with a coconut base so I want to say probably Violife. It was so good! I definitely recommend. I also want to say that going vegan was a lot easier than I thought it’d be, plus I genuinely feel so much better in myself, I feel healthier. You don’t need to watch any documentaries like Earthlings or Cowspiracy, I didn’t. But watching things like that will for sure make you really think about everything that goes on. I’m also not going to preach veganism at anyone, because people are capable of making their own minds up about things, but I do just want you to know the benefits I’ve felt since going vegan: I feel more awake during the day, I definitely sleep better at night! I lost some weight and feeling more awake during the day gives me more energy to do more exercise. My mental health has improved a huge amount (not perfect, but seriously getting there). I used to suffer with pretty bad migraines, pretty much everyday, but I get them on such a minimal level right now! My hair has regained shine and softness, it also doesn’t get greasy as often which is great. My skin has cleared up a Hell of a lot, and I have pretty oily/spot prone skin which I was never really able to control. I just feel generally better and happier with my life. So I really suggest just looking in to it and maybe incorporating more vegan foods/meals in to your life. You have nothing to lose.

I know I said life lately had been quite quiet, but I clearly had more to say than I thought! I hope I didn’t bore you with my mundane life, I don’t really do too much so things never really change, but I’ll definitely write life updates now and then. I’ll treat this as some sort of diary.

Thanks for reading!



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