My Favourite YouTubers!

Watching Youtube videos is basically what I spend most of my time doing. I subscribe to a lot of Youtubers, but I have a few selected ones I watch all the time. I often spend time binge watching Youtuber videos and vlogs. I love vlogs. Youtube and Youtubers have influenced me a lot, and I know that some of them start off writing blogs, so maybe one day I’ll venture on to Youtube, who knows.

I watch a whole variety of videos including lifestyle, beauty, make up tutorials, travel vlogs, daily vlogs, music covers, and more. Youtube and other social medias are platforms to inspire and I think that these Youtubers do that in one way or another.


Jenna Marbles

Everyone who watches Youtube knows who Jenna Marbles is. I love Jenna, I think she’s absolutely hilarious. Whether she’s gluing rhinestones to her face or attempting to prank her boyfriend Julien, it’s always a fun time on her channel.

Check out Jennas channel here.

Louise Pentland/Sprinkle of glitter

Louise Pentland is a British Youtuber and blogger. Every Sunday Louise posts a weekly vlog that I watch every week. She started out as a beauty blogger nearly 10 years ago, but now features parenting tips and lifestyle videos. Louise is totally real and really authentic, she doesn’t really sugar-coat anything.Watch Louises main channel here and her Sprinkle of Chatter channel here.Sophie Louise

Sophie Louise is a beauty and lifestyle Youtuber. Last year she vlogged moving house, I loved watching them. Sophie is a smaller Youtuber which, to me, makes her a little bit more authentic.

Take a look at her channel here


Jbunzie does a few different things on her channel. She posts make up tutorials, vintage fashion and does the most amazing character and celebrity transformations. She has transformed herself in to Jessica Rabbit, Betty Boop, Ariana Grande, Daenerys and many more. I highly suggest you check out her channels.She is totally adorable and is a unique channel to me. Jessica has a love for all things vintage and is always trying out vintage make up or tutorials.Her main channel can be found here and her second channel here!

Crystal Lindy

Lindy is a Youtuber from the Netherlands. She has a really cool unique style and bases her videos around that. Lindy does grunge inspired make up tutorials, and hair dye tutorials.

You can check her out here!


Soph is a UK beauty blogger. She makes make up tutorials and reviews make up and beauty products. Soph actually has her own highlighter and eye shadow palettes in collaboration with Make Up Revolution. I reviewed her eyeshadow palette in a previous blog post, you can check that out here.

Have a looks at Sophs channel.

Gabriella Lindley/VelvetGhost

Gabby is a lifestyle and beauty Youtuber from Brighton, UK. Gabby makes a range of videos, from Q&As to make up product reviews. Gabriella also has a vlog channel where she often posts daily/weekly vlogs. I find that she is really open and real with everyone, so I really like her content.

Gabriellas main channel (VelvetGhost) can be found here and her vlog channel here.

I really hope you take the time to check out and support these Youtubers. They deserve it.

Thank you for reading!


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