Current Playlist – What I’m listening to..

I love music, and it has really helped me through some tough times in my life. Music is a personal thing and every one has different tastes. I listen to a variety of different music; I can go from listening to grime to musicals. I don’t really have a specific genre I listen to. I also believe that the lines are blurred when it comes to genres, music is music and if you like it then listen to it.
I used the website Obscurify to find out what music I listen to the most. Kind of surprised, but also not really surprised at the same time.
Punk Christmas? That’s the surprising part.. I wasn’t aware I listened to that many ‘Punk Christmas’ songs, especially considering that it’s March!
As you can see from my top artists I’m not too fussy about what I listen to. Although Blink-182 and The Neighbourhood are my all time favourite bands. Specifically The Neighbourhood, I listened to them exclusively when I was at my lowest and I think that they’ll always have a special place in my musical heart.
I have a list of the songs I’m listening to the most at the minute and I really recommend checking them out; broaden your musical taste.
1. Fake Happy – Paramore
I love this song because I think it captures what it’s like to have a mental illness perfectly. Sometimes we do fake being happy and the song is totally relatable. Plus I have the biggest crush on Hayley Williams…
2. Sadderdaze – The Neighbourhood
As I mentioned before, The Neighbourhood are my favourite band. I love everything they do but this song from their latest EP stood out to me. They released a new album on 9th March, which by the way is amazing! Go check that out too.
3. Northern Downpour – Panic! At the Disco
Who doesn’t love early Panic! At the Disco? I know I do. I love Panic! So much. I’ve loved them since they released their very first album in 2005, and I’ve loved everything they’ve released since, and probably whatever they’ll release in the future. But, early Panic! is for sure my favourite era.
4. Purple Rain – Prince
My Mum is a huge Prince fan so I grew up listening to a lot of Prince. It also helps that Prince was a genius song writer and fantastic musician. But Purple Rain is a perfect, classic, rock song that I think everyone likes whether it’s secretly or not.
5. Kiwi – Harry Styles
I love Harry Styles. Sorry. He is just such a genuinely nice human being who also happens to write great music. Since leaving One Direction, Harry seems to have stepped out of the boy-band bubble and started showing his true self. The music he writes is so different to his 1D days. Every song on his self-titled debut album is different so it’s sure to appeal to lots of people. I’m also going to need a studio version of Medicine, thanks Harry…
Every song I’ve featured in this post is also in a public Spotify playlist I’ve made. You can find that here, so please check it out and I’ll be adding to it all the time. Also let me know what songs you’re listening to at the minute!
Thanks for reading!

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