My Celebrity Inspirations

I would say that I am the of the first generation that properly grew up on the internet. We are so heavily influenced by celebrities and people in the public eye. In the age of Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat it’s so easy to follow what your favourite celeb is up to, and it’s easy to be influenced by the lives they live. Everyone is influenced by other people, especially  celebrities whether it be a movie star, musician, sports player or reality star, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re not influenced to hurt yourself or other people. You do you and look up to whoever you want.

I wanted to share some of my inspirations and why they inspire me.

1. Drew Barrymore

If you know me or follow me on Instagram you’ll know that Drew Barrymore is basically my favourite human being ever. I adore her! She inspires me in so many ways. Drew has been through a lot in her life, especially in her early teens. Having had addictions since the age of 9 to a suicide attempt at age 14. After suffering with mental health issues then turning her life around and becoming an award-winning actress really inspires me for many reasons.
Not to mention she inspires me hugely in the fashion department. 90’s Drew Barrymore is such a fashion icon. I mean look at the above photo, iconic…
2. Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher is such an iconic woman. Using her platform to speak openly about her bipolar disorder and drug abuse inspires me so much. She wasn’t afraid to give her opinion or say no to anyone. Using her voice to become a feminist icon I’ll always look up to. There are hundreds of awesome, inspiring stories about Carrie standing up for herself and others I always love to hear. I don’t there is anyone in this universe that doesn’t like her and I know that she is dearly missed by a lot of people.

”I finally quit apologising for it… For being something different. For being strong. Strength is a style. But this happens in acting a lot. If you pretend something over and over, sometimes it comes true.”

Losing Carrie in December 2016 then losing her just as amazing Mother, Debbie Reynolds a couple days later hit a lot of fans hard. Carrie will always be an icon and her wise and powerful words will be used to inspire people, especially women, for years to come.
3. Beyonce

I think that Beyonce has inspired every woman at some point in their lives. She is always speaking for women and inspiring young girls to do what they want and become whoever they want to be. Beyonce constantly uses her platform to speak for the women who never have their voices heard, and also gives them the opportunity to be heard. She’s inspiring in many ways, to many different people. Bey is truly iconic and will continue to be until the ‘end of time’ (get it?). Personally, Beyonce has inspired me to use my voice, and also to support what other women do and help them become anything they want.

These are just some of the celebrities who have personally inspired me in different ways. There are of course many more, and maybe I’ll write another post about them, but these three lovely ladies are huge influences for me.

Thank you for reading!


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